Valencia still loses even though he wears a waist belt.

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Valencia, under Singaporean owner Peter Lim have had another year of negative results despite trying to save a lot of money. Valencia revealed during the club’s general meeting that. Its operating results for the 2022-2023 football season will show a loss of €1.2 million and €6.9 million after tax. Even though the Bats are trying to tighten their belts. There has been a small investment. But it was only close to break-even for the first time since 2019. According to a report from Superdeporte on Tuesday.

The Bats earned less than 100 million euros last season. This included 60 million euros from TV rights, while the club’s debt fell 13 percent, with a balance of 297 million euros. Although they have cut back on losses of 44 million euros from the previous season, Valencia’s figures are still negative. €1.2 million and €6.9 million after tax. This is the club’s closest to break-even since 2019 UFABET 

Aside from the €60 million TV rights fee, the majority of Valencia’s income came from the €15 million sale of United States midfielder Yunus Musah to AC Milan, although the club made money from it. Selling players in 2020 for a total of €130 million still hasn’t improved the club’s financial position much. 

As a result of this problem, Peter Lim, chairman of Meriton Holding. Which owns the majority of the club’s shares has become increasingly targeted by Bats fans. And they are trying to expel the Singaporean billionaire from the Mestalla area. But it has not been successful until now.