The media reveals Jean-Michel Olas to send the UFA story to open the market for a special round.

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BUT reports that. Lyon president Jean-Michel Olas suggest European football federations  open a special transfer window. To help players affect by the Russia invasion of Ukraine.

Russia has been sending troops to invade Ukraine since last week. Among the concerns of many affected parties. One of which is the football industry of two countries.

Especially teams in Russia with foreign players gradually canceling contracts with the agency. Make those players become free agents UFABET but can’t transfer teams. Because they are outside of business hours. Plus, there are many people whose contracts are suspend.

But a report from BUT reveals that. Olas has proposed the idea for UEFA to open a special transfer window to help players affect by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The report further revealed that the transfer offered by Olas would only affect players from the two countries in trouble, especially Ukraine, where the league had to be suspended due to unsafe conditions. As for the Russian league, there will be foreign players who decided to cancel contracts because of dissatisfaction with the Russian authorities.

The offer hopes to help players who are now many of whom contracts have been suspended. (Especially in Russia). Which the agency retaliated against by refusing to negotiate a cancellation, causing the hit player in this case to be unable to move or negotiate with a new team immediately. Only have to leave the country of origin to reach a safe area.