Techniques of playing baccarat.

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Introducing the technique of playing Baccarat such as Master , Baccarat is a casino game and online casinos that are the most famous and believe that all gamblers must know Baccarat for sure, which Baccarat is very popular UFABET in Asia.

To look at the graph 

Is to look at the intervals “up” or “down” of the graph itself. Meaning that the beats in which the formulas come together. The graph will go up. But if the formula is wrong, the graph will fall. So this technique It is the calculation of the stroke “of the cards”. Which can be seen from the calculation of the 3 sticks of the formula calculation.

Playing with 3 sticks 

or unlimited rolling from the words of Xian a long time ago that “Time to lose” “When you win, you have to dare to bet” means “If you lose 100, roll over 200” “When you lose 200, roll over 400” “When you lose 400, you roll over 800”, and so on. And when you get time, what do you have to do? Most of them are the same. But there will be a rhythm called “immersion”, which is capital play. same without increasing because the time waste will not be waste twice, so it’s important of playing baccarat is the rhythm of playing “soak”

Dragon path play 

Is to catch a beat out on either side and then stab at that side all the time. For example, cards out player (blue) throughout 2 eyes, so we have to stab quickly “Only blue stab” sometimes turns blue up to 13 eyes. For example 100 200 400 800 1600 3200 6400 12800 12800(immersion) 25600 25600(immersion) 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000 50000 … keep going until you get to the “immersion” spend money only a hundred. Can be done to hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Most of the time “soaking” will be done until will reach the digit that friends want

Reading the card.

It is a play that uses “guessing” or “experience” mainly from personal techniques. Suitable for small players that plays only a few eyes But use heavy capital to put friends to “win” or “lose” at all. Do not recommend new friends to play like this. By the “free baccarat formula” that has been distributed, there will be a total of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 types of each table. All formulas are included, so friends can choose to use it.

Betting to win 2 eyes in a row for this formula is that when the player bets at 50 baht and wins, the next turn is placed at 100 baht and if it wins again, change to bet at 50 baht and if it happens Losing is equal to losing only 50 baht. It is a simple technique that many gamblers are using.