Manchester United kicker fell off the top four 4-1, escaping the swan 6 points.

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Manchester City put on a good performance at the top of the crowd with a 4-1 home win over Manchester United in the Manchester derby. Making them score points away from Liverpool, the second-placed team with 6 points. But played more than one match. While the Red Devils dropped to fifth place.

English Premier League Football

Man City 4 – Man United 1

Stadium: Etihad Stadium

The game started just 5 minutes, Manchester City took the lead quickly 1-0 when Bernardo Silva opened the rear from the left into the middle for Kevin De Bruyne to break in the middle of the net, there was nothing left.

Manchester United had a chance to retaliate in the 8th minute from the ball that Fred had penetrated but stuck Ederson, who was shocked to block out very quickly.

The picture of the sailboat game is clearly superior. In the 17th minute, almost plus the score, Rodri paid for Kevin De Bruyne to squeeze the Red Devils defensive line into the left penalty area, but David de Gea still fell down. can

Yet, in the 22nd minute, Manchester United equalized 1-1 on the counter-attack, with Paul Pogba blocking a beautiful ball from the left for Jadon Sancho to gallop up and cut into the middle and spin the ball with his right foot from 18 yards. Send UFABET the ball into a beautiful long distance pole.

But in the 28th minute, City came to lead again as 2-1 Phil Foden flickered away Lindelof to shoot in the penalty area, save de Gea for a long break before being De Bruyne. Focused on shooting, there is no net left.

In the second half.

The game image is still City that continues to attack hard as usual. And with a chance to escape many times from both Riyad Mahrez and Foden by the 62nd minute, De Gea had to exert force to save De Bruyne’s shot as well.

In the 68th minute, the sailboat, which continued to invade, escaped 3-1 until De Bruyne opened a corner kick from the left side to come back to the front of the penalty area for Mahrez to shoot without capturing the ball through De K’s hand. Ah, plug in the most beautiful corner of the door.

In the 81st minute, City should have added another Kyle Walker tossed into the left-hand box for Joao Canzelo to somersault, the shot will back up to the far post, but De Gea still manages to turn around.

Not only that, the sailboat came to hammer the coffin lid again in the second minute of injury time, when Gundogan dragged before flowing through the channel for Mahrez to fall into the compression with the left in front of De Gea. Tung net ended the game. Manchester City struck Manchester. United 4-1