Lorenzo Insigne lost at home but believes there is still a chance to win.

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Napoli striker Lorenzo Insigne has revealed that Napoli have to accept criticism for their recent performance. But looking at the football championship win is still open.

Azzura lost 1-0 to AC Milan at home in Serie A on Sunday. Causing the famous team from Naples to hold 3rd place, 3 points behind the leader Rossoneri

“We have to accept the blame for losing this game. Even if we fight UFABET until the end of the game It was really disappointing. For the many people who came here to cheer for us. That was the most regretful thing.

“This is an opportunity that we have wasted in vain. Now we can’t feel sorry for ourselves. There are still many games on the field. It is still close and we have to concentrate fully.

“There is nothing to say. (When asked about the atmosphere in the team’s dressing room after the last game) there was only regret. It would be better to wait until when we can analyze what went wrong in a calmer mood.” Lorenzo Insigne said.

    Lorenzo Insigne entered the Italy national football team in 2010-2011 U20 youth   , 2011-2013 U21 youth and was selected to play in the Italy national football team. For the first time in 2012, he played more than 26 times.