Juventus slaughtered Spezia 1-0 seized the 4th sticky.

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Juventus are still firmly in fourth place in Serie A. When the home opener defeated Spezia 1-0 from Alvaro Morata’s winning football goal.

The game at the Allianz Stadium, in the 7th minute. Juventus had a chance when Danilo paid for Morata to shoot from the right in the box. But not through the hands of Ivan Provedel.

The chances of both teams are not much. But in the 21st minute, Juventus came out 1-0 when Manuel Locatelli paid for Morata to shoot with a right-hand in the penalty area, Tung-net.

In the 33rd minute, Juventus had a chance to escape Artour, paid for Juan Cuadrado to fill in. But save Provedel.

In the second half, Spezia can raise their own UFABET game. And have a chance to equalize from both Emmanuel Guillaume and Simone Bastoni, but save all Vojc Szczesny

In the 79th minute, Spezia’s equalizer was too much when the substitute Victor Kovalenko pierced through to let Kevin Agudelo slip into the left-hand penalty area, but dunked on to Chezny, who came out of the block quickly.

In injury time, the hosts were almost buried when Juan Cuadrado snatched them to the right before thrusting hard into Morata, who stood in the open. At the far post, the timing is not good, so I can’t shoot the ball. End of the game. Juventus beat Spezia 1-0.