Joan Laporta denies secret contact with Haaland.

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Barcelona president Joan Laporta has dismiss reports that. The club had secretly contacted Erling Haaland without passing Borussia Dortmund.

Last week, Azul Grana boss Xavi Hernandez report to have traveled to Germany to meet privately with Haaland. The media said the Camp Nou coach hopes to motivate the 21-year-old spear to join the team next season.

Still, Laporta said in an interview before Azulgrana’s 2-1 win over Elche in La Liga on Sunday. That the reports were not true.

“There is no negotiation at all (with Haaland).” Joan Laporta said.

“At Barcelona, ​​we do not negotiate directly with the players. When UFABET we have to negotiate. We will do it with Borussia Dortmund if things happen.

For Barcelona, ​​it is one of Europe’s leading clubs link with the Norwegian striker. It is believe that many the team is ready to negotiate with Dortmund at the end of the season.

On the Haland side, there has been a continuous transfer of the team. Although his contract with Dortmund lasts until mid 2024, the club’s board has confirmed that the striker’s future is uncertain.

Laporta insists the Catalan giants will not be involved in official talks with Haaland. Who has a €75m release clause starting at the end of the season without Dortmund’s permission. “At Barca we don’t negotiate with players. When we have to negotiate we will do it with Borussia Dortmund if the situation arises. Xavi doesn’t deny it? Well, I categorically deny it.” explained Laporta.