What is an MRI?

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MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is an examination using a magnetic field imaging machine. Used in the diagnosis of patient lesions to be used in the treatment and follow up on treatment results. Relying on the magnetic properties of hydrogen atoms (Hydrogen, H). Which are the main components within the human body. Such as water molecules (H2O), etc.

When the patient is under the electromagnetic field The device emits radio waves of a specific frequency. (Radiofrequency) to stimulate the organ system to be examined. When an organ is stimulated, its energy level changes according to a physical process called resonance. The atoms inside the body emit energy. UFABET There will be a receiving device that has come out. Then converted to a picture signal on the screen.

How to perform an MRI examination?

In an MRI scan, the patient must lie down in the machine. tunnel-like Which is about 60 centimeters wide and will have a signal receiver device. It will look different. depending on the organ system to be examined. Such as examination of the brain system There will be an image receiver device covered in the head area. Spine examination case The imaging device is placed behind the patient, for example. The patient must lie in the tunnel for at least 30 minutes to hours. Depending on the organ system to be examined.

The examination will be divided into sets. Each set takes approximately 3-5 minutes in some examinations such as the heart and abdominal system. The patient will have to hold his breath. Each set is about 15-20 seconds and will require specific preparation. And refraining from taking certain regular medications before receiving the examination. The staff will inform you about the procedure on the day of the inspection appointment.